Visit Many Good Books, But Live in the Bible

In the past year or so I have been on well over 100 flights just on American Airlines. I have visited 40 states and stayed in more hotel rooms than I dare count. There are many mornings I wake up wondering "Where AM I?" While I enjoy all the unique experiences I get, I sometimes find myself wondering "Where is home?"

Exploring new cities is very fun, but that's not typically what traveling entails. Most of my time is spent in airports and airplanes and rental cars/taxis and hotel rooms. As my friend Matt recently said, "At a certain point, every hotel room is the exact same. The only people who think travel is luxurious are people who do not travel."

This got me thinking about a famous quote:

In a similar way that I visit cities without having depth, I often find myself reading books about the Bible that lack the depth I find when I read the Bible. I get focused so easily on pouring over commentaries and theology books, that I miss the text all together. What’s worse, when I’m reading in a theology book that quotes scripture I often skim pass the Bible passage because I’ve read it before. Those are the most important words on the page!

While reading books about the Bible is a good use of time, reading the Bible is a great use of time. Don’t neglect the reading of the Bible for the sake of visiting other’s people’s thoughts on the Bible. Follow the wisdom of Charles Spurgeon:

“Visit many good books, but live in the Bible.”

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