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It Is The Book That Changed Everything

Enjoy this spoken word video celebrating the controversial book that changed your world. Join the movement.   It is written. It is hated. It is against the law. It is fuel for the flame. It is cherished. It is what the Law was built upon. It is why some were burned at the stake. It…
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Last week was National Bible Week around the world. The week of Thanksgiving (specifically Monday) is set aside to share and celebrate the most famous and influential book in the history of the world: The Bible.You may have missed it last week, but that is OK!  Every day is a great day to celebrate the Bible! Here is…
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The Donald Trump Bible Translation (DTB)

This week, Donald Trump was interviewed on Bloomberg. He was asked what his favorite Bible verse is. This was his response:   The interview was fairly dull. As Trump does, he turned a boring interview into an interesting internet conversation. Why is naming your favorite bible verse so personal? Maybe it is the Song of Songs…
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Four Reasons The Green Bible Collection is Extraordinary

I loved collecting baseball cards as a kid. Nothing brought me happiness like ripping open a package of Upper Deck cards. My hope was always to find a Ken Griffey, Jr. or a Juan Gonzalez. I went through a season of Hot Wheels and Pokemon, but baseball cards were definitely my first love. It may surprise…
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