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Do Not Read This

HAH! My reverse psychology worked on you! I would like to begin by saying this is the last blog you should ever read. I have tried blogging a number of times. Every time I have ended up realizing that

  1. I am not a gifted writer
  2. I do not have much wisdom to offer.

However, I am renewed in interest. As much as anything I want to get into the habit of writing. The only way to get better at writing is simply to start doing it. I am going to write some blogs about what I am learning about ministry. I hope this would be beneficial for any believer in Christ. This will be a recap of the Wednesday night series we are going through in the Middle School Ministry at Council Road Baptist Church. I will try to set up a link to the CRBC Middle School Podcast as well. I would love any and all help on how to improve in my teaching. I'll also take from my devotional life one thought that God has really pressed on my heart and share it with you. My hope would be that this would be a place people could be encouraged and challenged.

Pray for me if you would. I do want to become a more effective communicator and thinker. That is the reason for this blog. May it bring glory to the Father. If it proves to be helpful to any then that is my blessing.

For His glory,

Michael McAfee

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