It’s a new season. Not only has Easter come and gone, not only has spring begun to bring on the allergies, but baseball season is upon us. Opening Day brings about rich nostalgia for baseball lovers worldwide. Each team has a chance at winning all 162 games. Each team has a chance to chase a title.

Personally, I have not followed a professional baseball season in my adult life. I am not even sure which team I would call my own. Last week, I decided to ask for advice on Facebook and give baseball a try this year. Why now? I can’t quite tell you for certain. Part of it is living in New York City and hoping I can grow to love the Yankees. Part of it is a desire to try something new. Regardless, I am in to try baseball this season!

Have you ever had an impulse to try something new? Maybe it was a New Years Resolution you made. Perhaps you began taking your health seriously recently. Or it could be you finally went to dinner with someone in your Bible study group. Regardless, it brought about the feel of a new season.

I want you to consider this, there are people in your city that have a similar impulse today to start reading the Bible. Maybe it is Easter last month, maybe it is a sense of guilt, or maybe just curiosity. Whatever it may be, God is working in their lives right now in ways we don’t even realize. AND he has put you and I in their lives to be the one to share the gospel with them, pray with them, invite them in to our home, and open up God’s Word with them.

My baseball strategy this year is to follow the MLB at large and pick a team at the end of the year. Here is my current Top Five. I will update again at the All-Star break!

  1. New York Yankees

  2. Los Angeles Dodgers

  3. Washington Nationals

  4. St. Louis Cardinals

  5. Kansas City Royals

Any advice for me in following baseball? What are some good baseball blogs or podcasts I could follow? Answer in the comments or on my Twitter or Facebook!

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