One Million Names

Museum of the Bible is going to open in one year. This will be one of the greatest museums anywhere in the world. At 430,000 square feet, this will be one of the largest museums in Washington D.C. At 15 stories high, MOTB will enjoy a stunning view of the U.S. Capitol, the Washington Monument and the National Mall. And with 40,000 biblical artifacts and several elite partner museums lending their collections, this museum will be the go-to museum for Bible artifacts and Bible history. Not only that, the Museum of the Bible will be the most technologically advanced museum ever built.

And when you and your family come to the Museum, your name could be displayed inside.

One Million Names Certificate

For a gift of any amount, Museum of the Bible will permanently display your name or the name of a loved one inside the Museum of the Bible on our One Million Names wall.

Why do this? Why set the bar so low for donors to receive the honor of having their name displayed when the cost of the displayed name could be greater than the gift?

Because this is not about making money. One Million Names is about making a statement.


The Bible is not just a book of our past. The Bible is not just a book that mattered to people a generation ago but has no relevance to modern people.


We believe the Bible matters to one million people today.

When those 40-feet giant bronze gates swing open to the public in 2017, world leaders will stroll through the Museum of the Bible. They will attend a spectacular broadway show in our world-class performance hall. They will enjoy dinner at the Biblical Foods restaurant in our Biblical garden overlooking D.C. And they will see a wall filled with ONE MILLION NAMES of people who have sacrificed to give the Bible a home in D.C.

Will they see your name?
Will you help us make the One Million Names wall a reality?

Here's what you do:

Be counted. Be heard. Be amazed.

Stand with the Bible.
Stand #With1Million.



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